The Games of Honinbo Shuei, Volume 3

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Vol 1 — Game No. With games, this set is currently the most complete collection of Honinbo Shuei games available. A very rare and expensive collection to obtain. This edition is probably the 4 volume set published in Price euro. You can find the latest GoGoD database available here.

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Lives in sente. What do you think the next project will be after this one? Lives in gote. Quote: Is this also being published on paper or a different ebook format? No, sorry. Paper was always out of the question, which is why the Kindle was used. As to other e-formats, I looked at this but it is nonsensical for me. To check presentation and make uploads I would have to buy other devices that I don't want or need.

In one case I would have to buy e-ISBN numbers - total cost for the minimum package is more than the books will make. And then there's the considerable work of reformatting, especially diagrams. Robert Jasiek suggested pdf files, but I saw his pdf books available on a Japanese site, presumably without his permission, so that route does not inspire me with confidence.

In any case, the requirement to reformat still applies there - I don't want to do any more work for a handful of extra sales. Quote: What was the marketing strategy? The AGJ-e gave mentions. The BGJ gave a mention, though reluctantly - they wanted money for an advertisement and gave in an accepted an announcement only because GoGoD has let them use material free in the past.

Some people on L19 are stroppy about announcements, too, you will have noticed. Paid advertisements are out of the question unless the strategy is bankruptcy.

Normally our GoGoD's best strategy is face to face demonstrations at tournaments, but the logisitics haven't worked out right lately, and in any case tournament numbers seem to be declining. Amazon's site of course, along with Google etc, allows searching and browsing. There may be a better strategy, but the background is that most western go book sales have been in the doldrums, starting from a low base.

Honinbo Shuei at Sensei's Library

Quote: Also, can you somehow fix the typo on the first page of the equipment chapter of your Go Fundamentals on kindle, you're not allowed to capitalise any n's in Torreya nucifera. Re kaya, yes, of course. I may have nodded somewhere, though I'm not Homer. But not capitalising in species names is surely well known to all - it's one of our schoolchildren's trick questions about when is the only time it is OK to write a surname with initial lower case unless you're e.

John Fairbairn wrote: Robert Jasiek suggested pdf files, but I saw his pdf books available on a Japanese site, presumably without his permission Any PDFs of my books on the web would be without my permission. John Fairbairn wrote: I haven't written a book called Go Fundamentals in any format, or anything similar. I thought Loons meant Robert's book too, but I was just browsing your new releases on Amazon and stumbled upon Go Fundamentals on their John Fairbairn page.

Quote: It looks like Tuttle listed you as writing the foreword and from there Amazon added it to your list of publications. Thanks for explaining the mystery.

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From memory, it was called somethng like Stepping Stones to Go when I was asked to write a new foreword. I had absolutely nothing to do with the contents. I do recall advising Tuttle several things needed changing, but the Japanese author did not wish to change anything. I don't even have a copy of the book! John Fairbairn wrote: I know nothing of Amazon jacking up prices. Sorry I misunderstood. Since I know that Amazon have a system where they decide for themselves what price they sell the book at but still pay you based on the price that you set, I thought the base price was your price and the slightly higher list price was what Amazon had chosen.

The Games of Honinbo Shuei

Anyway, I liked the sample of the first book of games so I bought a copy. It seems really interesting to follow the development of a great player's go, and maybe I'll learn some of the same lessons he did. Dies in gote. Lives with ko.